Welcome to the page about me. My Name is Rev. Scott Cutting Jr. Despite the youthful looks I am 27. I found salvation in Jesus at age 17 after the death of my mother in high school. Walking with God has not always been easy, but I can say it has been amazing. I have my BA in Religious Studies from Siena College where I spent 4 years, and also traveled abroad to Ireland. I I then got my MA in Practical Theology from Northpoint Bible College after three years of study there. I believe with all my heart that God has a time and place for everyone and everything.

    I believe in community involvement and find working with kids/ teens a gifting I have. I personally help at the Schuylerville and Greenwich Youth Centers because every child should feel important. I also help at and am on the board of the Second Hand Rose, a thrift shop that gives all profits back to the community. I do this to help our area and to inspire Christians that WE CAN make a difference.. 

     I hope you the reader will come and give us a chance. We would love to have you and love to support you. Hopefully I see you here some Sunday at 10AM. God Bless! 

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